As an organization committed to shaping the future of Canadian storytelling, we are proud to support and advance opportunities for Canadian creators and talent.

We aim to reduce barriers to access, particularly as it relates to financial circumstances, to ensure a vibrant and accessible future for anyone considering the CFC as part of their storytelling journey.



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2022/23 Scholarships

Tuition fees for CFC’s 2022/23 programs in film, television and acting will be fully covered

Thanks to the generosity of CFC donors, including longstanding donors to our Endowment Fund, all tuition fees for CFC’s 2022/23 programs in film, television and acting will be fully covered through a full scholarship ($8,000) that is automatically awarded to all incoming residents accepted into one of the aforementioned programs.

Additionally, for the duration of their respective programs, residents will receive a monthly $750 bursary, prorated for any partial or half months, to help offset additional costs associated with participating in our core programs. For individuals from outside of Ontario who are relocating to Toronto to attend the CFC, they will also receive a fixed, one-time relocation bursary of $1,500.

Upon acceptance into one of these programs, applicants will be asked to complete a form to provide the necessary information for us to activate the scholarship and process bursary payments. All information is treated as confidential and stored in a secure location. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Please note: Financial assistance (scholarships, bursaries, and travel grants) awarded to students attending CFC programs are subject to personal income tax as prescribed by CRA.

Scholarship, bursary and travel grant recipients will receive a T4A form (Statement of Pension, Retirement, Annuity and Other Income) outlining total scholarship, bursary, and travel grants awarded during the calendar year.

Students who attend full-time CFC programs and who pay tuition fees will receive a T2202 form (Tuition and Enrolment Certificate) detailing attendance and eligible tuition fees.

For any questions regarding scholarships, please contact Eileen Wang at [email protected] or 416.445.1446 ext. 228.

Please note that the CFC is not an OSAP-accredited institution.

Bursary Funds

Financial assistance through scholarships and bursaries

for this curriculum year are enabled through the generosity of donors to the CFC’s Endowment Fund. Additionally, the following named bursary funds are also a vital source to support our residents and the core intentions from the donors as described. Cumulatively, these funds offset fees and support filmmakers during their time at the CFC.


For Black Creators

Bursary Fund for Black Creators

As part of CFC’s ongoing to commitment to change and a more equitable industry, this Fund provides financial support to Black creators coming through the CFC’s core programs in film, TV and acting.

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For Creators from British Columbia

Creative BC | Daryl Duke and William Vince

These Funds, which are administered through Creative BC, are intended to honour the significant contributions individuals have made to BC’s film and television industry. The BC Film Foundation currently offers multiple yearly grants through the CFC to honour the memory and contributions of Daryl Duke and William Vince – considered to be two of the founders of BC’s film and television industry, which offset tuition fees for creators participating in CFC’s core film and TV programs.

For TV Writers

Jordan Christianson Bursary Fund

Launched in memory of Jordan Christianson, an alumnus of CFC’s Prime Time TV program, this bursary is awarded to a writer from British Columbia or Alberta who is invited into the Bell Media Prime Time TV Program.

For Women

Bursary Fund in Memory of Anneli Ekborn

Named in memory of Anneli Ekborn, acclaimed producer, filmmaker and CFC alumna, this Fund celebrates Anneli’s life, career, and creative vision by providing support to a women-identifying filmmaker with a love of cinema and a commitment to independent stories and creators and who is participating in The Norman Jewison Film Program.

For Diverse Voices and Underrepresented Creators

Bursary Fund for Diverse Voices and Underrepresented Creators

As part of CFC’s ongoing to commitment to change, and a more equitable industry, this Fund provides financial support to additional racialized and other underrepresented creators (including, but not limited to, 2SLGBTQIA+ creators, creators with disabilities, official language minority communities, and its intersections) participating in one of CFC’s core programs in film, TV and acting.

For Indigenous Creators

Comweb/Whites Jay Switzer Indigenous Creator Award

Through the generosity of Paul Bronfman and the Comweb Foundation / William F. White International, and in tribute to the late Jay Switzer – a major figure in Canadian media – this $100,000 award will be distributed over 10 years (beginning 2019) to residents participating in CFC’s film and/or TV programs.


Bursary Fund in Memory of Cathrine Cook

Named in memory of Cathrine Cook, this Fund celebrates Cathrine’s legacy and long-lasting impact on the CFC and its community, including the hundreds of residents she worked with in her role managing the post-production and technical side of the CFC. This bursary is awarded to a creator with a passion for film and post-production who is participating in The Norman Jewison Film Program Editors’ Lab.


The CFC is grateful for the generosity of its donors and partners to its endowment campaign.

Your visionary leadership and commitment to create a permanent legacy to support Canadian talent will make an impact for generations to come.

Would you like to get involved through donating to one of our bursaries or scholarships? Check out our Donate page to find out how you can support the CFC.